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Fitting The Dress Of Your Dreams

We recommend that you book your first bridal fitting 4 - 6 weeks before your wedding date. The first fitting is generally about one hour long. Brides typically need two fittings to sculpt the gown to the body and ensure the proper fit. At your first fitting you will meet the seamstress who will discuss your dress and look at what needs doing. The gown will start to take shape when the fitter starts pinning and tucking the fabric and sculpting it to your body. At this point the seamstress will give you a clear price for the alteration work and an estimate of how long it will take to complete. Second fittings are done closer to the wedding date. At the second fitting, you will have a better idea of how the gown will fit and look. A third appointment may be necessary if you are pregnant or if your weight has changed. If you have been on a weight loss plan and are still intending to lose weight you may be asked to book in closer to the wedding date or if you are pregnant, you may be asked to come later to ensure the fit is as accurate as possible.

Brides need to bring the shoes and undergarments they will wear on the day of the wedding in order to obtain the proper fit. 

  1. Your bra (if you choose to wear one under your wedding dress).  Different bra’s can mean a different bust measurement so it’s really important to have chosen this (and to remember to bring it with you!) to your first fitting.

  2. If you are wearing support underwear we recommend bringing this too.  You’d surprised at how many people choose underwear only to find it sits too high and shows above the dress or pulls you in at the wrong place and causes VPL.  Neither are good looks on your wedding day so check it out sooner rather than later!

  3. Your shoes:- Your hem will be taken to approximately a hands width off the floor meaning the front of your shoe will show slightly when walking.  We all walk with a natural dip so when the length has been altered as above you will look as though your dress is kissing the carpet. If you decide on a change of shoes between fittings your dress length won’t be correct. Similarly if you decide on a huge heel for the day and change this for flats at night you may find this causes your dress to be too long. (But maybe you won’t have a care in the world at this point!)

  4. Your hooped underskirt/petticoat:- The underskirt will keep the shape of your dress in place and also keep your dress away from your legs.  There are two benefits to this; 1. This will keep you cool 2. This will help you to walk freely and easily without the need to kick the dress away from you.  Your underskirt will also affect the length of your dress so it’s vital this is ready for the first fitting. 

  5. Please do not wear make up or false tan for your dress fitting as marks can easily be transferred to your dress, also please remove any jewellery that could catch the delicate fabrics.


If a bride loses weight, the gown will be taken in at each fitting appointment until it fits perfectly. If a bride gains weight, we will try to open the seams and release some extra fabric but if there is not enough, fabric can be ordered from the designer and a panel can be added to the dress. Please be aware that extra alteration charges will be incurred if your weight changes.

It is always better to purchase a gown in a larger size rather than a smaller size. We can always make a gown smaller but it is harder to make a gown larger.


The most important thing is to relax and enjoy your first fitting….it is after all one step closer to your

big day!

Bridal fittings are either in-house or at a location of your choice (if available).

This service is offered for locations within a 3 mile radius of Wakefield, further afield will incur a surcharge of £10 for 2 fittings.


Please call us to arrange your bridal fitting or fill in the form on the contact page.

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