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Most bridesmaids dresses need an adjustment to fit perfectly, so whether it is too long, too tight or need the straps adjusting we are here to help. 

Bridesmaid dresses are usually made of fine fabrics, therefore require care and precision, here at Wedding Dress World we are very experienced at altering bridesmaids dresses and have a vast knowledge of materials from chiffon to pure silk.

When you visit for your fitting, it is important to bring the shoes and bra you will be wearing on the big day, as this will affect how the dress fits. 

We recommend that bridesmaid dress alterations should be done 4 - 6 weeks before the wedding day in case there are any weight changes.

We would  delay bridesmaid dress alterations if you are sick or have lost weight or pregnant before the wedding, in which case the seams might need to be moved.

We offer the "At the Bride's house" fitting, our seamstress will fit the dress at your chosen location, this service is offered for locations within a 3 mile radius of Wakefield, further afield will incur a surcharge of £10 for 2 fittings.

Please let us know if you require this service at your initial enquiry.

For a professional and personal service, please call us to book a fitting.

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